‘Altered States’


Location – Waterstreet Gallery

3rd August – 3rd September 2017


‘Altered States, at it’s most basic, explores the relationships between the artist as
maker, immersed in the process, and the work as outcome, I explore and express the iconography and emotive symbols cognisant in all our daily lives. The drawings I produce aim to reflect the diversity and quantity of visual information each of us has to process every day … the complexity of imagery reflects the all-pervasive influence of human infestation and its’ influence on planet Earth’ C.L.


Among the works is ‘A Landmark Event in British UFO History …. the Alan Godfrey Sighting’
in Todmorden on 28 November in 198. Alan Godfrey is a retired police constable of the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Force who claims to have seen an unidentified flying object and been the victim of an alien abduction.


This fascinating exhibition includes an interactive work ‘Negative Space Game’. You are invited to literally altering fragments and rearrange outcome of Colin’s works which have been translated into 3D negative magnetic space toy. Bring your camera to keep a record of your completed permutation.